Room for therapy

Room for therapy - portraits of therapy practices.

DokumentPress (2018)

Over a period of ten years the photographer and psychoterapist Caroline Jensen has visited therapists on four continents. Her photographs offer a unique insight into rooms that are normally closed -rooms whrere people share their innermost thoughts and emotions. Room for therapy is a collaboration with interior architect and designer Ingrid Unsöld who in her essay relfects on how interior design influences our ability to open up and think in new ways. In an insightful preface, photographer Anna Clarén recounts her encounter with the therapy room that became her safe sphere.

Authors: Caroline Jensen and Ingrid Unsöld

Editor: Malcolm Jacobson

Photographs: Caroline Jensen

Language: English

Pages: 96

Size: 29 x 19 cm

Bindning: Hard cover

ISBN: 978-91-88369-12-3