Six generations


GUBI OFFICIAL 8/2-30/6 2021

Norrlandsgatan 6, Stockholm.

I am exploring the platter as a tool using the wall as storage. In the span between Grandma's fine plates, that we were never allowed to touch, plates that were never used for eating. On the other hand grandpa's tool wall, with drawn contours for each tool, that were optimized for using and hidden away in the basement.

Displaying tools and decoration on walls intrest me. I design my own version of plates for hanging off the wall. I'd like them to be equally admired as interior decoration and used as serving tools.

When I dug into my roots I found six generations of millers in my family. The shape of the millstone turned out to be in my dna. I also found idol posters with stars in frizzy hairstyles, black lakes and newly plowed fields as  influences. they are all represented on my wall.